Win Your Child Custody War

Table of Contents
2008 12th Edition

This Is The Anything Dedication Acknowledgments
Disclaimer Reviews and Praise Credentials v. Credibility 
1: War or Peace
Questions and Answers Pray for Peace - Prepare for War Intended Audience
Parenting Plan Where Do You Fit? Married - Unmarried Parents
Whose Custody Case is This? Stepmother's Story Best Interests
Who Should Not Fight Reasons People Have Custody Worst Reasons to Fight
Abuse Excuse Dead Hand Children as Pawns
Factors Influencing Decisions Custody Arrangements Interim or Temporary Custody
Sole Custody Joint Custody Physical and Legal Custody
Joint Physical Custody Joint Legal Custody Split Custody
Alternating or Divided Custody Bird's Nest Custody  Grandparent Custody 
Suddenly Super Parent  Police and Restraining Orders  Life's Timeline 
Short Timeline  Non-Custodial Emotions
2: Issues - Non-Issues
Their Problem or Yours Child Endangerment Opposition is a Control Freak
Control and No Responsibility Blended Family Mental Illness
Lengthy Child Care Verbal or Mental Abuse False Accusations
Frequent Moves Physical Abuse Alcohol Use or Abuse
Drug Use or Abuse They Only Want to Hurt Me Visitation Interference
Lying to Child, You and Court Kidnapping Kidnapping Threat
Domestic Violence Significant Other - Stepparent Alternative Lifestyle
Best Interests of the Child Neglect Poor Living Conditions
Responsibility for Problems Your Expectations Common Child Custody Myths
3: You Are the Package
State of Mind or Mindlessness Safety Nets Group I Need Doesn't Exist
Why Are You Here? New Relationships Invest in Yourself
On the Hot Seat, So What? Unsolicited Help The Rescuer
Emotional Vampires Thanks, But No Thanks Rest and Relaxation
Aid to the Enemy Right Thinking It's Your Battle Because
Delegation Personal Security Bunker (Your Home)
Maneuvers, Planned Action Retraining From Now On
No Sniveling or Whining The Most Important Witness Dress for Custody Success
What Do I Tell My People? Confidentiality - Witnesses I Need a Shrink
Secret Help: Psychologist When the Police are Called You Can Get Arrested For
Warrantless Search Why You Will Be Arrested If You Are Arrested
Confidentiality - Inventories Parent as a Soldier Ask the Real Question
Duck Muck The One I Feed A Need To Listen
Proper Responses Talk, Your Friend Will Listen Real Victims
Counterfeit Victims Victim Mentality Everything is My Fault
Victim or Victor Internet Security and Privacy Email Monitoring
Hacking Email Jail for Reading Email Email Security
Computer Monitoring Your Computer, Their Attorney 
4: Child's Perspective 
Child and Parent Match Four Types of Attachment I Want to Stay with You
Children Who Want to Choose Children Who Can't Choose Choice Case
Hearing the Child's Voice Stepparents Significant Others
Non-Biological Caretaker Danger Psychological Parent Go Where They are Heard
Child's Realities Dealing with Child's Fears What You Can Do To Help
Discipline Not What I Meant to Say Styles of Parental Discipline
You Are Always On My Mind Document Now For Later Children Stir Things Up
Unhappy Children Children's Responsibilities Info Children Should Know
Walk the Talk Help Children Be Responsible Seeing Abuse is Abuse
Buying the Pain Away Too Much Hurt ... Accidentally Such Behavior is Bad Parenting
Interviewing Children Confidentiality - Children Confidentiality - Spouse
Revenge Letter of Adjustment 
5: PAS 
Parental Alienation Syndrome Hostility in Child Custody What's Not PAS
PAS Is Actual Alienating Person False Accusations
Unconscious Messages Conscious Messages Parent is a Chameleon
Combating PAS Action May Proceed for PAS PAS Excluded
D.H.S.S. Report on PAS Healing the PAS Child Malicious Mother Syndrome
False Accusations SAID Syndrome Narcissistic 
6: Smoking 
For Smokers Second-Hand Smoke Is Child Still Exposed
Children's Surgery Parental Smoking - Child's IQ Smoking and Autism
Sperm Trouble for Future And Mothers Court's Reaction
Passive Smoke Make Them Stop Cases
7: Religion 
Value to the Individual Children Separation of Church - State
Christian Jewish Intra-Faith Challenges
Cases Jehovah's Witnesses Wiccan
8: Breastfeeding 
Mothers' Fears Fathers' Fears Benefits
Pump and Go Breast Milk Shelf Life Primary Caretaker
9: Homeschooling 
An International Movement Schedule and Methods In Custody Cases
Qualified to Home School Pro Homeschooling Assembling Advocates
Proving a Pro Position Against Homeschooling Parents' Fears
Assembling Advocates Proving a Con Position Example of Termination
10: Grandparent or Kinship Care
Heartbreaking Civil War Guilt In Abundance Family #1
Family #2 Family #3 Family #4
Family #5 Grandparents on the Front Line Videotapes 
Rights - Responsibilities  Federal Laws Families as Resource #1
A Long Tradition Stepparent Adoption Co-Guardianship
Case #1 Case #2 Appointment of Guardian
Standby Guardianship Getting Started Example Form
Cases Grandparents v. Father 
11: Job - Custody Connection 
Running on Empty Stability - Reliability Work From Home
Cost to the Company Co-Workers Negative Impact
Supervisors Enabling Behaviors The Supervisor Must
The Supervisor Can't Violence in the Workplace 2003 Incidents
Crisis Situations Explain Your Crisis Confidentiality - Employment
Your Personal Information Employee Evaluation Lost Jobs
Jobs Not Taken Back-Up Plan
12: Strategies 
Reality Check Well, Get Over It Desire v. Reality
Looking Past 2005 Changes in the Wind Strategic Interaction
Strategy = Planning Deliberate, Rational Enemy Specific Techniques
Live and Let Live Tit for Tat Look Ahead
Tester Tranquilizer Exploitative Retaliation
Attrition Deterrence Reciprocity
Random Agendas Your Motives
Changing Strategies Defensive Behaviors Remedies for Behaviors
Delay Strategic Case Boosters Activities to Cultivate
13: Conflict Resolution
Problems They Cause Problem Solving Why They Do That
Pre-Contact Planning Negotiation Why Cooperate?
Opposition Will Cooperate? Reduce Differences Aim to Negotiate, Not to Win
Overcoming Obstacles If You Have to Fight Discover Hidden Agendas
Children's Agenda Children Have Agendas Conflict
Methods of Thinking Moral Obligation Changing Strategies
Mediator with Attorneys Not Really the Same Using a Professional
Mediators Court Facilitated Attorneys
Three Reasons to Negotiate Right Place - Right Time to Negotiate Preparation
Assumptions Guidelines for Discussion How to Negotiate
14: Friend or Enemy? 
Make Words Work for You It's Your Army - Censor It Loose Lips Sink Ships
Security Breach If You Disregard This Advice Fear and Communication
Communication Test Dealing with Fear News Flash Junkies
Safe Answers Friendly Fire People Who Cause Damage
Important to Ponder Family In-laws and Outlaws Your Parents
Opposition's Parents The Agendas of Your Friends Friendly Strangers
Know Your Enemy Data Sheet Noncombatants 
Data Sheet Form Information and Misinformation Source of Information
Sabotage Six - Year Case Study Case Killers
List of Activities to Avoid Hurt You Worse Than Them Anger and Joy
You've Been In Court Too Long 
15: Documentation - Evidence
Contact Logs Reasons for Documentation Detective
Attorney Evaluator Guardian ad Litem
Telephone Log Methods of Documentation Telephone Contact Log
Admissible Evidence Backdooring Evidence Exclusion of Evidence
Web Sites as Evidence Off-Line Web Sites Live On Chain of Evidence
Spoliation of Evidence Spoliation = Judgment? Take Photos of Everything
Children Love Them The Dark Side Evidence - No One Cares
16: Contact Log 
Is It Worth Doing? Simplicity and Speed Confidentiality - Documentation
Crucial Data to Record Codes for Log Book Contact Log 1991-2004
17: Equipment - Services 
Equipment Cell Phone Video Clips Recording Phone Calls
Interspousal Wiretap Exception Invasion of Privacy Services
Daycare Workers Parent Locator Service Testing Services
Lie Detector Test Paternity Testing DNA - Genetic Testing
Court-Ordered Gathering DNA Samples Necessary for DNA Testing
Challenges to DNA Testing Negative Test - Still Father Paternity May Be Settled
Contesting Paternity Can't Sue Wife for Lying Computer Data Retrieval
18: Drugs - Alcohol
Drug Tests Urine Analysis Passive Inhalation
Hair Analysis Will You Take a Drug Test? Factor 1000 Impairment Test
Alcohol - Drug Tests Random Testing Courtroom Samples
Hair Analysis Urine Analysis False Positives
Passive Inhalation Club Drugs Prescription Drug Abuse
19: Pro Se 
Representing Yourself First Things First No pro se Recovery of Fees
What Law School Teaches Getting Started pro se Hang Around the Court
Court Preparation In Court Precedent
Forced to be pro se Not Held Same As Attorney No Recovery of Fees
20: Attorney
Right to Free Counsel Scumbags Attorney Legal Aid
Navy Legal Assistance Shared Attorney How to Find an Attorney
Initial Consultation Won't Take Your Case Good Old Attorney System
More Bang for the Buck Secret Weapon Don't Hire Attorneys Who
Sorting Out the Bad Apples Before 10 A.M. After 5 P.M. Bad Rap Attorneys Get
Confidentiality - Attorney Cannot Do Can Do
Keep a Good Attorney Happy Military Attorney Soldier-Mom AWOL
Case Analysis Communicate with Attorney Advised Non-Compliance
Restraining Order  Dealing with a RO Police Liability?
Personal Protection Order Communicating with Enemy Communicate with Attorney
Sex and Your Attorney Before You Assign Win Their Attorney Over
Get Rid of Their Attorney Disqualifying Their Attorney Attorney Invoice
Attorney and the Liar Accessory to Your Crime Attorney Can Fire You
My Way or the Highway Please Release Me, Let Me Go Indifferent or Incompetent
Reasons to Fire Attorney Fire a Bad Attorney Getting Your Documentation
New Attorney = Delay Lawsuits Against Attorneys Suing Your Attorney